Where to watch Korean dramas for free?

If you are looking for a platform where you can watch Korean dramas for free, this article is for you. At some platforms, you can stream videos in both free and paid modes. This means that if your purchase a paid subscription, you’ll see much less ads and enjoy additional perks.

Good sites for Kdramas

1. Viki.com

This is probably the most popular site online. It has an extensive global library of titles in Kdramas with English subtitles.

2. DramaFever.com

At this service, you’ll find a lot of titles for Kdramas. And it also has good collections for TV series and movies from China and Japan. If you decide to upgrade your subscription, you’ll be able to significantly reduce the number of ads shown to you and get some additional features.

3. Dramafire.info

At this site, viewers can stream not only Kdramas, but also Japanese and Asian series and movies. Importantly, almost all of the titles are provided with English subtitles, so that anybody can start watching them for free at once.

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