Is streaming safe?

Several years ago we used to go through the trouble of downloading movies from torrent sites, and some of those files contained viruses and various other malware. But today we can just click on a link and start streaming a movie or a TV show with no need for downloads or installs. It’s got much safer here!

How does streaming work?

Whenever you want to watch a movie for free, you can google “movie’s name free”. You’ll see a number of results. At any of those sites, you’ll find lists of links for that movie.

When you click a link, the video will start playing right in your browser. Thus, there’s no risk for your PC to get infected by bad stuff.

However, there’s another risk related to suspicious pop-up windows that such free platforms usually have in abundance. Some of those pop-ups might have buttons with malware and viruses waiting to infect your device. To avoid any problems, just keep closing any pop-up windows you see without interacting with their contents in any way.

Otherwise, free streaming platforms are completely safe to use.

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